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Our industry report, 'BACON: Everything the Australian pork industry doesn’t want you to know' details the widespread animal welfare issues, human health concerns, and environmental damage that operators must be held accountable for.

If you'd like to call for change, read on...

Pigs are some of the most horrifically treated animals in Australia. From birth to death, the majority of pigs are exploited and subjected to appalling conditions. These gentle, sentient creatures deserve better.

We invite you to email Australia's agricultural, environment and health ministers at both a State and Federal Level, urging them to call for urgent reform and industry-wide action.


Simply add your contact details, and a letter will be sent to the relevant politicians on your behalf...

If you have any issues with the form below, click here to open the action form in new window. 

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make a lasting change


Did you know? In 2018, a landmark study by the University of Oxford found that switching out meat and dairy in favour of a vegan diet is the 'single biggest way' that any of us can reduce our environmental impact.

Embracing more plant-based foods and learning creative ways to cook with fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds is a fun and rewarding experience.


Plus, the wide range of 'alternative meat' products that look, cook, and taste like traditional animal meats can make the process easier than you'd imagine!

For more information and inspiration, take the Vegan4Life Challenge at

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